Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Few Collages

Birds of a on collages together!Felt like working with "a little RED" today! Although sometimes scary, Little Red Riding Hood has been a favorite of mine, especially when I can find vintage print and photos of it. I thought I'd pop a pic of me in this digital scene! Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not me! I think digital brushes/stamps are my favorite right now. Making a specific brush into a stamp that you can save forever is easy! Open up a blank new transparency file in PS 6.0. Click on the brush tool, and you will see a little arrow. Click the arrow, and click "Load Brushes." You will see the brushes you have saved in your documents. Click on the brushes you want to work with. Your selection of brushes will appear in the brush box. After you pic a favorite (mine was the sketch of Red on the green sketch pad above), save it in your pictures. I like to make a special file in my pictures for digital brushes made into stamps. I call it "Digital Stamps."

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lots of Reading!

I know I just blogged about the last Somerset Life...but the next issue is already out, and I am so lucky to be a little part of it! A while back a group of us had a fun paper doll swap. Several of us were asked to put our dolls in the Paper Doll Article, written by my friend Lori Oles. She didn't know which ones were going to be picked by the editors of the publication. I was so excited that my little "Party Girl" was selected!
I am all into catching up on art books these's that summer thing! Just got the new Postmark LA book, and read it several times already! Rebecca Sower, Charlotte Lyons, Pam Garrison, Carolyn Peeler, Amy Hanna put it together. It's fantastic!!I also finally got a copy of my Texas art friend, Sandra Evertson's Book! Fanciful Paper Flowers is amazing. I got so many ideas from it!
I started something fun for my etsy store this week. Lori of Vintage Flair asked me to make some personalized labels for her. She wanted her artwork to be shown when she sent packages out. I digitally designed several size labels for her, including a return address label. The digital labels can be printed at home or sent off.

Here are some that I made for myself. Click here for more information!

Happy Friday!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Week of Inspiration

I had a great time reading and being inspired by the latest Spring Somerset Life. I want to thank one of my fav Texas artists, Sandra Evertson, for letting us use her "Les Modes Francaises," for our artistic fun. Her spread in the issue was one not to be missed. I had to get my hands on the images!

I made some all occassion cards, using the "ladies." I think I'll use them for birthday cards...
Thanks again Sandra!

I sold my first items on ETSY this week! Hurray! I did a series of Fairy Girl cards:

Have a creative week!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Vacation is HERE!

This week I am going to catch up on all my unfinished projects! Today is officially my first day of my school summer vacation ...HURRAY!

I just opened up my ETSY shop, and I am so excited! Here is one of the items I have in the shop...It's a soldered charm on a beaded necklace. The charm has a vintage girlie on one side, and vintage book print on the other.
I've been working on some digi too! Now I have a little time to organize all of my digi kits!

Here are my "Dreaming Girls." What ARE they thinking about??
Here are a few ATC cards I have been working on for TweetyJill's Site. I used TweetyJill Collage Papers and gorgeous stamps! I call this collection, "Three Friends in Paris."

Have a great week!