Monday, December 22, 2014

A Little Winter Craft Idea

I've seen natural lotion bars in many boutiques lately. After searching on Pinterest and Stampington magazines, I decided to give them a try! I've used Altoid Tins in the past for containers. They work beautifully.

These "Lotion Bars" were really simple to make! I combined equal parts natural bee's wax (sold by the pound on Amazon) and coconut oil (in solid form at Trader Joe's). Simply microwave both ingredients and stir until liquid is smooth. Add generous drops of peppermint organic extract. Pour into painted Altoid tins. Let cool. Cover tins with burlap and flowers. Add a slip of scrapbook paper inside and a label describing the bar.

I gave these as gifts to my kindergarten teachers and office staff this year. The container is perfect to keep on their desks for a little boost during the day. They loved them!