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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Zip Code Pillows!

Having  so much fun creating zip code pillows! Perfect for any couch, chair or bench! 
My pillows range in sizes, and are made with thick neutral fabric and gorgeous 
flocked letters/numbers. 

Please email me for more information on purchasing a personalized zip code pillow featuring your city and state. 
Sizes are approximately 8”x16” and are $40 plus shipping. USA orders only. 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Laundry Room Sign

I made a large laundry sign for my small, but organized laundry room. After buying a blank chalkboard at my local Hobby Lobby on clearance, I added a cute file from the silhouette store and added a new date. It’s so easy to ungroup the original file, take away what you don’t want, and add new things! I used a matte 651 white vinyl. Although considered permanent, it’s super easy to remove from the slick chalkboard with a tweezers. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Hand Poured Candles

Hand poured candles are so much fun to make! My favorite base is all natural
organic beeswax, purchased online or in craft stores.  The candles below are scented
with grapefruit, sweet tea and basil mint sage essential oils.

When making candles you will need bees wax, candle wicks, essential oils
and a jar. Attach the wick to the bottom of your jar with hot glue or sticky tape.
Melt the base in the microwave in a glass container for 30 secondincrements until melted.
Stir in essential oils. If purchasing oils from an online candle making company, follow essential oil amount instructions. Stir oils in the wax. Pour wax into your jar. You can use clothes pins to hold the wick in place while the wax is hardening.
Let the candle sit for several hours to set. Wait 24-48 hours to light.

Have fun!

Saturday, February 8, 2020

3D Pop Up Foldable Cards

There are so many amazing files in the silhouette design store. I’ve been playing with the 3D foldable cards lately. They’re just adorable and so easy to assemble and mail! This one I’m keeping for me. I always wanted to have a flower shop! 

These silhouette files are by Lori Whitlock. She has many options to choose from. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

A Woodlands Animal Baby Shower

Baby Shower Fun! 
I’m helping prepare for a really exciting baby shower. The theme is Woodland Animals! I used my trusty silhouette vinyl machine for most of the decorations! 

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Golden Book Junk Journal

This Golden Book Junk Journal is for a very sweet baby about to be born! It’s actually a scrapbook and junk journal. There are lots places to pop phones and memorabilia. We used it for guests to sign in and a gift list. I hope it will look cute in baby Allison’s room! 

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Heat Transfer Vinyl

In a hurry to make a special baby gift? Try a set of slightly "pre-decorated" onsies and add a personal touch using your Silhouette Cameo! These were a set of Carters' Onsies that had some printing on them already. I added the truck, the name and initials, and the pug as accents. I used heat transfer vinyl from Amazon.

I think they came out pretty cute!

Heat Transfer Vinyl was also used to make this cute little "KitKat" apron.

I used to use my heavy iron to transfer the vinyl on to fabric, but now I use my heat press.