Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Love GreenCraft!

The newest issue of Somerset's GreenCraft is amazing. I'm still savoring the pages of the last year's issue. There are so many ideas, I had to "ear mark" almost every page.

I remember reading about painting cereal boxes in the last issue...an idea that my friend Shona used to craft with her children. Shona's article was wonderful! I loved the idea of re-using something that had amazing potential!!

In the new issue, Kathleen McKinnon uses her "Fiber One" boxes for art projects. I tried out her idea using my "Fiber Plus" container and made something fun.

Here is the original box. Yes, I ate all of the Fiber Plus Chocolate Bars...no not all at once. Yikes!
I used Gesso around the box first.
I then painted the box using two of my favorite shades.
I chose vintage wallpaper, an old dictionary page, and one of my favorite pictures of my sweet Aunt Maria.
I used soft medium gel to adhere the papers and a layer to seal it. I punched holes on each side, and threaded soft wire through the holes. I added a little velvet flower and some pearl trim, and...
Here is "before" and "after!"
I'm happy with the outcome! I'll be saving all of my boxes from now on!! Thanks for the ideas GreenCraft, and of course Fiber One!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Read!

My talented friend Shona's fabulous book is finally out! The Artistic Mother is a mixed media art book full of incredible projects. She surrounds her art around her family. Shona was so sweet to include a Texas artist round robin swap I hosted. Shona and I don't live too far apart...so I met up with her last weekend to get a first hand look at her finished project. She's carrying her little guy, Max.
Fellow Texas girls Carrie, Sarah, and Cindy participated in the round robin, along with Shona and me.

I am still amazed at all the projects in the book. It's a great read!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hurray...I finally figured out a few things on my sewing machine! Had to have my sweet friend Tanya come over and tighten a few things so it would work smoothly...yay!A few Valentine Tags using my stash of fabric swatches...

I've been taking the Remains of the Day class that my friend Maija suggested, and it's so much fun! Here is something I made following "most" of the instructions. I made a little detour somehow, and ended up with this book...

I'll try making another this week and follow each step! hehe!

I love her techniques and tips!
I finally got to use my little puggie upholstery scrap I've been hanging on to since ...forever!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hurray for February!

Will you be my Valentine??

Here is a digi layout I did of my sweet mom as a girl.

Getting a few things together to celebrate the month of pink and red!! This is a group of goodies for my sweet friend Lilia. We're doing a swap!