Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Motion Stitching

A few more minutes with my sweet Project Runway Brother machine is all I need...well maybe a few more. I can't stop playing with free motion!

I'm not embarrassed to say I bought my machine a, because it was very inexpensive and light weight, and because it said "Project Runway," which was ultra cool!!

I've been playing around with "free motion" stitching for about a year now. I thought I'd pass along some tips tht might help other beginners.

1. Look online to find a quilting foot for your specific machine.  Although my machine's handbook mentioned that there was a quilting foot for the machine, it of course wasn't included.  I looked it up on Amazon and bought it for about $8.

2. Pencil in your words first. It will help you with the motion.

3. I think using felt sheets (from craft stores) make great backgrounds for practicing free motion. Try bright red thread on a grey felt sheet. SO pretty!

4. If your muslin or fabric is too thin, you will need to use a hoop. I don't want to bother with this, so I make sure my fabric has some substance.

5. Use the thickest thread you can find on a spool. My favorite is Gutermann 100mm strong thread. It makes a huge difference in your final outcome.

6. Be sure to use a shorter thread stitch and tighter tension

7. Try adding a few curls at the end of your word or name, and a heart where you would put a dot.
8. Practice, Practice, Practice!!