Monday, May 19, 2008

Baubles, Beads, and Other Fun Things

I am so excited! Here are my copies of the novel of short stories by Susan Woodring, called Springtime on Mars. I designed the front and back covers! My name is mentioned in the front page, and there is a bio of me on the last page! Doing this was such a great experience. The company was just incredible!

I spent a half day soldering last weekend, and finished quite a few projects. I love soldering while watching junkie TV, such as all my favorite BRAVO reality shows!

I added a few colorful baubles to my necklace and charms...
I also spent some time designing for TweetyJill! Lots of fun projects coming...I am so excited!

I found a GREAT new magazine called Mary Jane's Farm this week, and I can't put it down! No, I don't live on a farm, but being a native Texan, I do love the beautiful countryside! I live in the middle of the Piney Woods of Texas and love the greenery all around. This magazine has gorgeous photos of food, decor, fashion, and crafts. It is for cowgirls and cowgirls at heart!Here are a few pictures from this issue that I love...