Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm Inspired!

I finally made a December Teresa McFayden calendar! As she says... "Except no substitutes!" I fell in love with hers and used her wonderful instructions to create one of my own! Thanks so much Teresa for the great tips!! I used magnets on everything, so I can interchange the months and days for year round fun!Check out her site and make one for yourself!! I even used the blue that she used because it was perfect for wintertime!
I just got these beauties in the mail this week. Check out Anthropologie and Junk inspiration for me!! Both so different, but both so much fun! And hey...hurray for a model without stick straight hair!


My friend Deb Trotter has a new blog you MUST check out! She has a few cute photos free for creating. I used the one with the little farmer boy. He's so cute! Thanks Deb!

...and I bought this photo from ebay and had a fun playing with it! Gotta love these rodeo stars! Have a creative weekend!! :)mendy