Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Silver Bella Heaven!

I had so much fun at Silver Bella. It seems like a dream...ended too quickly! It took me a while to get all of my thoughts and photos together. I wish I would have taken so many more pictures!

I collected MOO/Business cards from all over the country.
The fun A-Z Swap...I had a class with the very talented jewelry artist Kaari Meng. I made a beautiful bracelet that turned into a necklace when I finished.
Here's sweet Jessi and me! She took me under her "wing" as a newbie to Silver Bella! She's such a party girl...and tons of fun!I was in a really fun swap that Jessi hosted that included all of these talented girlies... Shopping during Vendor Night was like a dream. Here is some of my loot!That night I was able to meet the incredible Lisa. She's such a talented artist, and a doll! I bought some cupcake holders from her. I forgot to bring her book to sign...darn!
My roomies Jessie, Maija, Kim, and Joy were the BEST! Here are some of the goodies they gave me.
Another class I took was from Charlotte. I have all of her books. She has so many great craft ideas. We made darling winter hats out of felted sweaters. I know it hardly gets cold down here...but the one month it does, I'll be wearin' my cute hat!Here's my fun roomie Joy and me...wearing our creations! We worked on projects on the floor one night and she gave me so much inspiration! Love that Joy!!
Here are my two wool hats. Ok, so it's in the 70's today...they still look cute!
I took not one, but two classes with Ms Rebecca S. I hope she didn't think I was stalking her. I've admired Rebecca for YEARS!! Her style of scrapbooking took me to another world. I love her shabby and romantic creations. I can't believe I finally got to meet her! YEAH!!
Here's my good friend Lori and me! I've "known" Lori for so long, and finally got to "meet" her in person! Lori is SO talented and fun. We have a lot in common and I feel like I've known her forever!! Wish we had more time!!
Lori made me this lovely canvas hanger...I just love it!!
Look! It's the very talented Hope and Lori working at our table in Rebecca's class! I met my fellow Texas Bella Joanna at the Paper Cowgirl event last summer. She's so much fun! I'm so glad she lives close by. Can't wait to see her at PC again!Speaking of Texas's Rita! The Texas Bellas had a big Mum Swap and Rita made mine! It turned out just gorgeous!! Thank you Rita!
Maija from CA and I hit it off right away. She was another roomie of mine! Maija kept me laughing all weekend. We wore our hats in the room...we loved them!! So glad to get to know this girl. Joanna and Maija... The main speaker at the Bella Luncheon was the amazing Jo Packham of Where Women Create, an incredible publication. She made me so proud to be a creative woman, doing what I love. What an inspirational lady!
Pam G. has been another artist I've admired for a while. I love her style!
Here's my other sweet CA roomie, Kim. Her smile is contageous!! I had so much fun with her. She had such beautiful things at vendor night. I finally got one of her craft bags!! I loved her vendor night booth.
My last class was with the famous Teresa M! Silver Bella is her "baby" and I was so happy to be able to attend this year!

I met so many fabulous ladies. I wish I could have taken photos of them all! I can't believe I don't have one of my new Texas fun friend Jana. We had a blast taking several classes together. She's an amazing photographer.
Danielle M. of the Vintage Dragonfly is another one I loved getting to know. We talked about old purchases and new was great!
I laughed and had a great time with Meleen from NY and her crafty teen daughter. They both got a kick out our Texas Homecoming Mum tradition. I think Meleen and family will start a Texas Mum trend in NY!

I met Amy , another super artsy girl, late one night after a party. We talked and laughed while doing a little crafting.
I loved visiting with these ladies during our after shopping "down time." Sure wish I had pics!
There so many more I met...loved them all!
Thanks Y'all!