Friday, July 17, 2009

Keeping Busy

My sweet puggie Madeline, on the computer....literally. I decided that since I was soldering anyway, I'd make a little something for Madeline's collar. I soldered a little photo of "Mommy and Daddy."
...and a little flower on the other side.
Now time to work on my soldered swap with some Paper Cowgirl Friends. This tea party image was a gift from my friend Jan, and I thought it was so cute!Paired up mine with some pearls. I "created" this necklace using a bracelet and links.
A few other pieces using small vintage flowers. Here's a special piece with photos of my Mom and Dad.
All for soldering for now!!

OOH, her's a little "Bella Kindess" from my SB roomie Jessi. Lots of goodies!! She's so sweet. Thanks Jessi!