Saturday, August 9, 2008

Things Around the House

Welcome to "Things Around My House!" Here are a few things in the nooks and crannies...

I used vintage book pages, music, wooden letters, and other little goodies on these two collages of my sons as little boys. I tried to use the colors of my house, making gold the primary color, with browns and blacks accenting. I have a lot of greens in my house, so I added just a bit of green too. I tried to make sure the floral arrangements on each were "manly," by using feathers, dried flowers, and twigs. Right now I have the collages on my staircase ledge, but I am thinking about hanging them in the den upstairs. I think they are the largest collages I've ever done. I have collection of little boots that I have around them right now...their very first pair are in the front.

Here are a few of my favorite things in my bedroom...

My soldered creations hang on a little dress-form on my dresser. I strung most of the beads myself. I love soldering tiny charms as much as larger ones. I have a huge collection of pearls in all colors. My favorite pearls are mocha browns and pinks.

These are two outfits I wore as a little girl. I just got the hooks and vintage hangers. I'm so lucky to have them!

And now we come to my unmade bed, with a little friend "holding down the sheets. " Only a mother could love this sweet face. Hello Madeline!