Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Playin' Around

I just have a few more weeks until my summer vacation is over, and then back to the kindergarten classroom! I love having summer off! I try to create something each day. I did these digital collages on my laptop, while enjoying the beautiful (yet hot!) summer in Texas. I didn't know how much I would adore my laptop. I always worked on my home computer. I put all my photos and digital kits, along with photoshop on my laptop, and now I can create anywhere!

Here I am, many summers ago, so carefree...too young to even know that my curly hair was getting all frizzy in the Texas heat!Here's a floral pretty of my mom...And to round it off, here are a couple of little birdie collages. I used my new "window" and "birdcage" digital brushes.
BEST purchase of the new MOO Business Cards! I have loved my MOO mini cards, and when I found out that they do the larger ones too, I ordered immediately!
You can have a little picture or banner on the back too, along with information. I love the quality of the cards.