Thursday, June 28, 2007

Arizona Vacation: Went With One Suitcase....Left With Three

I had the BEST time in Arizona visiting my good Flickr friend Lilia! She took me everywhere. I am still so impressed with the ultimate capital of the art world! I can't say enough about Lilia. She is sweet, fun and one of the most talented people I know! Her home is beautiful and she and her family were so hospitable!! I will never forget my trip! Thank you LILIA!
We went to Melrose Vintage in Phoenix and I met the most wonderful ladies there!

Me and Lilia at Melrose...
Diane (on right) and her daughter (not shown) own this shabby, vintage store that has home decor, fabrics, paper, and LOTS more! I have never seen so many lovely things. I bought a large glittery star and lots of tinsel and crepe paper trim...ooh la la!
At Mystic Paper we had a BLAST!!! Kim showed us all around the store and I went crazy buying goodies! I got papers, embellishments, and lots more.I then went next door to a wonderful antique shop that her husband owns. One of my finds there was a vintage dress that I bought for my niece Caroline. At Mystic Paper, I met the fabulous Michelle, and Helle, two artsy girls! Michelle, Helle, Lilia and I had a wild afternoon playing, shopping and of course eating!! It was so great to be able to put faces with art! Those girls are soooooo talented and sweet! Next, Lilia took me to meet Debbie of Frenzy Stamper! That store was loaded with fabulous stamps and everything you need for your stamp studio! Needless to say, I did more purchasing.
Off to another hot spot... SAS!! I fell in love with the trims and laces of this amazing shop. This stuff is like candy! Lilia had to physically drag me out.
After good food, good shopping, and GREAT company, it was time to go back to Texas...sigh!