Saturday, September 1, 2018

Vintage Birthday Art Journal with Fleamarket Studios! "Lilia's Book"

I am so honored to have a part in a vintage art journal by my art friend, Lilia of Fleamarket Studios.
The two of us have completed group art journals before, but it's been a few years.

We decided on a topic of Vintage Birthday Party. Her beautiful book has the fabulous theme using Deco Art Girls, the jazz age, the colorful times of the 1920s. This is her book. She designed the cover and several pages inside.

 Her book included a precious page of "attendants" to her birthday party. Including me!

Lilia's artwork is so beautiful!

Now for my part!!

I continued with her cute hand written font and jewel tones. I designed with a topic for each page. Here you see a pop of black for my "evening dance" page.

Here are my Birthday Candy and Birthday Box pages.

Thank you Lilia! I had so much fun with your book!