Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Parties

I finally got to use my "Lisa Kettell Cake Toppers" last weekend. I couldn't wait to use them! I loved meeting Lisa and visiting with her at Silver Bella! I used the toppers on my little white cupcakes with pink frosting. They really turned out yummy!! Recipe for White Cupcakes with Pink Frosting:

White Cake:
1 Box White Cake Mix
1 Large box White Chocolate Jello Instant Pudding
6 Egg Whites
1 C Sour Cream
1/2 C warm whipping cream
1/2 C Vegetable Oil
1 1/2C White Chocolate Chips (Best Quality!)

Mix all ingredients. Fold in the white chips. Batter will be really thick! Pour into cupcake pan or bundt. Cook at 350 for 40 minutes or so. Check cake with a toothpick. Let cool.

Pink Frosting:
1 Bag Powdered Sugar
1 Cup Butter
2 tbsp whipping cream
1/2 tsp Wilton Pink Icing Past (Michael's or Hobby Lobby)

Mix with a hand mixer until stiff. Frost cooled cupcakes/cake.

I digitally created the invites to the shower...
I've also been working on some holiday party items. I am giving these holiday flower corsages to my second grade team of teachers.

I bought concentrated oil (Bamboo) at Bath and Body Works, and with a cotton ball, dabbed each petal. The clips on the back of the flowers clipped right on to my digitally made holiday wrapping!

I designed the fronts and backs of my digi "postcards."

Can't wait to hand them out on Monday!