Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Happenings!

It's Halloween Time! My art friend Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is hosting a fabulous Halloween Party On October 18th!!!Here are some fun Halloween images to get you in the MOOD!

I would like to invite all my friends...all dressed up in "grown up" clothes, ready for action! I am the curly girl in front!
I can't forget sweet Madeline the Pug...

Gotta include Samantha Stephens! Glamour girl one day...sassy witch the next.What should we all wear????
My favorite Halloween Treats....

Peanut butter filled cookie sand"witches" from the Martha Stewart Show. YUM!!!!And some sweet and spicy carrot cake
Here are some wonderful treasures sent to me by my Halloween Party Swap friend, Heather!
Aren't they fabulous!!

Fall Handmade Gourds are on my kitchen table...
Glittered spoons...perfect for a door prize! I made them using the instructions by Natalie Hansen in the latest Somerset Holidays.
Interested in fabulous vintage Halloween collections? Visit this site I found, from watching Martha Stewart last week. I was amazed at all the wonderful goodies from the early 1900's.
Such a fun Block Party!!