Sunday, September 21, 2008

Making Use of My Time!

Thanks to all of my sweet art friends for their support during Hurricane Ike. You are all so kind. We are all doing GREAT! We now have electricity, but there are so many others who still don't have anything yet.

I was SO lucky that our house didn't have any major damage. I saw many of our huge pine trees in the street, some on garages, and homes too! We picked up the many branches that fell down on our corner lot. Everyone was outside cleaning up soon after. We ended up grilling everything we had in the fridge. Our favorite was grilled frozen pizzas. They DO grill nicely! I think I missed my computer and phone most of all. We had no land lines or cell connection. We didn't want to waste any gas, because gas was not easy to find! We walked to friends' houses to see how they were. Some had generators to keep at least a refrigerator going. Of course we didn't...ggrr!

I did make some use of daylight! Since I had no electricity, I used my E6000 to help me create a few things! My first creation ....a homecoming mum for my son's date next weekend. Remember Texas Homecoming Mums?? The heaviest and "most tacky" mums are the best!!
The senior girl wears a white and gold mum...a change from years past with red and green. This mum was fun to make. It has lots of fun toys and games, plenty of high school spirit, and a cute bear with a flower corsage. It is quite heavy...there is a ribbon on the back so the girl can wear it around her neck. I always say, when the girl has to "hunch over" to walk, she has the PERFECT mum!!My second "Post Hurricane Ike" art activity was finishing a goodie bag for a Flickr Halloween Party Swap. My swap partner is the very talented Heather, of Bluhm Studios. Here is a preview of the package. I tucked a lot of fun things inside.

Hope she will enjoy it!

Thanks again for your sweet comments on Ike. We are all safe and sound! :) Mendy