Monday, September 17, 2007

More and More Paper Dolls!

My friend Holly of Holly Loves Art had some fun paper dolls that reminded her of her favorite movie when she was young. It made me think of my favorite TV shows, and a few came to mind!
One of my very favorite reruns from the mid to later '70's as a child was That Girl. I loved Marlo Thomas so much, I tried to straighten my very curly hair with an ironing board to have that fab posh look. OK, a curly haired Texas girl could not very likely turn into a posh New York sleeked haired beauty overnight...

I made these collages starring Marlo Thomas' Ann Marie...otherwise known as THAT GIRL!!

I found "That Girl " Paper Dolls and I went crazy!! You can click on the doll and clothes, and it will enlarge big enough to cut out and play! Check out this fun doll....

My second favorite show of the same era was Bewitched. Now that Samantha Stephens was one cool chick! Here is a really fun treat...a virtural interactive Samantha paper doll!! I could play for hours! OK, maybe I did.
I have really been hooked on paper dolls since I joined a fun flickr paper doll swap! I have always loved paper dolls and have been looking at them online. Check out this incredible paper doll site. They have tons of great free dolls!

P.S. How about a little fun with the ...Petticoat Junction girls...or Lucille Ball!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Paper Doll Crazy!!

I am in a really fun swap with some very talented Flickr friends. I hope they will enjoy the Halloween themed dolls that I made! I made them digitally and then added some sparkle. I decided to place each doll on a card with a floppy flower. The "Trick or Treat Girls" came from vintage photos, photos from the Flickr Collage Art group, and from my digital collection.
Check out the girl wearing the "Barbie Wig!" She totally cracked me up...I think I'll send her to the Barbie fan in our swap group!!
I am now officially in the mood for Halloween!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Soldered Charms

I went "solder" crazy this weekend playing with tiny scraps and my loot of solder supplies! I have a big sturdy tote that holds my soldering iron, iron holder and temp control, flux, flux remover, big pyrex pan, copper tape....let's see, am I forgetting something? I made these fun charms using microscope slides. The front of the charms are things I've made and some goodies from ARTchix. The backs are scraps cut out of my See Us Run early reader. I like wearing several at a time!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Taking an ART break!

After a pretty long and slightly stressful first week back at school, it was time to relax and to play with art again! I spent all of Labor Day doing lots of digi scrapbooking and starting 10 paper dolls for a fun swap I'm in! Here is a little preview of one of my paper dolls. I am so excited about this swap...more on that to come!
I've been playing with some new digi kits, learning more and more about my photoshop. My favorite kits are always vintage style with a bit of glitter of course! Here is one of me and my mom. I'm the one with the sour face...hehe!Of course I always have a great time scrapping the pug...I might have more layouts of her than my boys...whoops!Got a new scanner today because mine finally just gave out. I LOVE my new HP 5610 All-in-One! I know I'll use it everyday...