Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've Been in my Art Studio this week!

I've created a wrist corsage for a fundraising auction honoring my good friend Tina.Lots of glitter and pearls, on a pearl bracelet. It would be a great touch for any holiday party!Speaking of my friend Tina....take a peek at a very special book we've put together for her here... The very talented Lisa and I organized the book, and it turned out just beautiful. There were over 25 of Tina's friends who participated. Each talented artist created a page of encouragement and love. The theme of the book was "The Power of Friendship."

It was an honor for me to do the cover of the book. Look at the thickness of this creation!
Thank you Lisa, for actually putting the book together! I made a new friend!!

Just a few more floral corsages I've been working on before Silver Bella...
It's fun to put a corsage on a colorful apron!
Some little goodies for a few little sweeties...
Here's another peek at "part" of the mum for my TEXAS Bella exchange.I can't believe Silver Bella is in three weeks!! I am getting both excited and a little nervous! Here's my art case...ready to pack!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Welcome to my Blog Halloween Celebration...a continuation of festivities originated my friend Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist!My theme this year is Glamour Witch!
Who says witches are scary?? How about a few "mod" witches?

Here are a few digital creations of mine...

Now for the most celebrated glamorous witch of them all...

Click here to play a Bewtiched Paper Doll Game!! Have fun!

Here are a few party gifts...
Thank you for coming over!
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Flowers!! Wrist Corsages

I've made Homecoming Mums before, but never attempted a wrist corsage until this weekend. I started playing around with my collection of vintage flowers and made this fun corsage...for myself of course!
I fell in love with these beautiful pearl corsage bracelets. I used REAL flowers in the wrist corsage for for my son's homecoming dance date...
Supplies I needed: fresh flowers, floral wire, floral tape, silver wire ribbon, and fresh flower "glue."
Here are three practice corsages...
Here's my final corsage...on me. ...and here it is on Max's sweet Date. She loved it!